Driver Privacy Statement

This page sets out the divers terms and condition in respect of which Vorri Transport Services (a company registered and incorporate in England and Wales with company number 09770258 and whose registered office is at address 2-10 Cleveland Way, Mile End Road, Stepney Green, E1 4UJ provides a network platform to introduce Drivers to customers who use Vorri transport service and bookings for the provision of minicab and delivery services in a licensed Vorri minicabs and vans.


  • 1. You have to have genuine UK driving licence.
  • 2. You need to have minimum technological ability to use Vorri app.
  • 3. You can join with us by registering on our website.
  • 4. You are only eligible to join at any time with Vorri if you have valid UK driving licence.
  • 5. You are requested to provide all necessary legal documents; and all information must be accurate and valid. (e.g. Driving licence, Insurance, MOT and other relevant document to prove you genuine drivers).
  • 6. You can update or correct all your information via our allocated driver panel or visiting our office.
  • 7. Your sign up might be refused where we believe that the information is not valid or does not meet our requirements.
  • 8. We may refuse your status if there is reasonable believe that our service might be disrupted at any point in the future by your operations.
  • 9. Once you complete your signup form, you are legally bind with our terms and condition. By returning your all information to join with us, you agree that this documents will be used as confirmation document.
  • 10. You cannot join us through third party agents.
  • 11. You have to maintain VORRI dress code at all time while you are taking Vorri bookings to complete.

Dress Code for

Passenger Service Drivers:

Clean shirt, Trimmed and tidy beard, Clean trouser, Black shoes.
Note: We do not recommend our passenger drivers to wear Hoodies, Trainers and T-shirt during our Service Time.

Delivery Service Drivers:

Clean shirt and T shirt, Trimmed and Tidy beard, Clean trouser, Trainers and Shoes.
Note: We do not recommend our delivery drivers to wear Hoodies


Once drivers have accepted Vorri terms, they agree to undertake following terms.

    • 1. He/She should turn up Vorri Partner app, accept the bookings and complete the job safely.
    • 2. Smoking Is not permitted at any time in his / her vehicle.
    • 3. Partners need to ensure their vehicle is clean and presentable at all time while you are taking bookings from/on behalf of Vorri transport service.
    • 4. Do not use violence, swear or threaten words against any member of staffs, drivers or passengers.
    • 5. As a Vorri Partner, You always respect and treat everyone equally.
    • 6. Do not involve with any fraudulent actions regarding the creation or misuse of credit cards, debit cards or any pre-paid cards.
    • 7. Partner need to be aware and follow driving safety laws in relation to the use of mobile device in accordance to complete the bookings successfully.
    • 8. The driver will use own expenses and should be fully licenced by the city in which driver operates and minicab is fully taxed, insured, clean and roadworthy.
    • 9. All driver should update his or her correct, true and up-to-date information to the office. The driver shall notify any changes immediately (e.g. change of any address, expired insurance or MOT certificates) by contacting the Vorri office.
    • 10. The driver is neither allowed to transfer their login detail to another person nor to transfer any bookings to another driver. If any driver does so Vorri team reserves its right to terminate the agreement immediately.

Termination policy:

      • 1. Vorri Transport Service may terminate the agreement contract at any time immediately If driver breaches the obligations and terms.
      • 2. Vorri reserves the right to restrict, suspend or terminate the drivers access to the account at any time without notice if driver does not meet or maintain the given terms and condition.
      • 3. Termination process is immediate effect.
      • 4. We may cancel your contact If you provide false information when you have registered with us.
      • 5. You should notify us if you want to cancel your registration for the VORRI app and cancel your account with us.
      • 6. You shall still be obliged to make any due payment for any VORRI services provided to you up to and including the time you decide to no longer use any of our services.

Charges and payment:

    • 1. It is completely free to register for and use the VORRI apps.
    • 2. We do not provide payment protection or guarantees against any sort of fraudulent or unauthorized payment from the customers fails to be processed for any other reasons. It is your own responsibility to secure the transactions if it is cash payment for trip by the customers.
    • 3. You may have to accept cards and cash payment. You are responsible to offer payment flexibility to customers. Our customers are flexible to negotiate payment method to complete transactions.
    • 4. You are required to deposit cash that generate from cash payment by customers. You will be given VORRI account details to complete residual earnings from the bookings that you have done.
    • 5. The agreed commission need to be cleared weekly basis to Vorri Accounts either by cash deposit to our office or online transfer. We also accept on call e-payment in order to clear the due payments.
    • 6. You should settle your account weekly basis.
    • 7. If you fail to do so you should provide us reasonable reason.
    • 8. The balances of any payments owing to you from passengers will be provided in accordance with the terms set out in the app and website. We may withhold or delay payments to you where:
      • A. the passenger denies authorising or we have reasonable grounds to suspect that the passenger did not authorise the relevant transaction; or pending investigation where a transaction is considered to be fraudulent or otherwise suspicious or where a transaction requires validation with a card issuer.
      • B. You acknowledge that we may conduct an audit of your activities or of your records and accounts to ensure with Vorri terms and use of the vorri payment methods and you agree to cooperate fully with any such audit.
      • C. You further agree that you will cooperate in relation to any financial crime screening that is required and to assist us in complying with any laws and card or financial institution rules or policies.
    • 9. You need to cover your insurance and other vehicle expenses by your own. VORRI management will not be responsible for any charges that might derive from any untheorized traffic control policy.