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Travel Advice: What to Do If You’re New to London

London is a large, fast-moving city that’s filled with attractions you won’t want to miss. While the city is lovely, it can be hard for first-time visitors to know how to navigate. Without having enough information about specific locations, where to eat and where and how to shop, one might end up making the trip far more expensive than it needs to be. Thanks to mobile technology, various mobile apps can help newbies to London have fun-filled vacations. This article talks about a few of the city’s attractions that are must-visits for first-timers. It also lists a few mobile apps that can help the first time visitor to easily navigate to different attractions, eating places and shopping outlets in London without a hassle.

The Natural History Museum 

The Natural History Museum in London showcases a wide variety of species from different divisions of natural history. It is one of the most renowned museums in the world and is located on Exhibition Road in South Kensington. This is a must-visit attraction in London. The museum is quite huge, which means a newbie to London will find it pretty difficult to navigate, even with a map.

Natural History Museum Vorri

The Natural History Museum app does the best job of instructing a newbie on getting the most out of the visit without missing out on anything. The app will help you find specimens, exhibition displays, and museum trails. It also talks about activities that feature various discoveries. You’ll find maps with at-a-glance views of all of the museum’s galleries, exhibitions and facilities as well as a quick guide to popular displays, including Dippy the Diplodocus and our dinosaurs, the Darwin Centre, T. Rex and the Stegosaurus, as well as volcanoes, fossils, treasures and more. The app does the best job of giving you all of the latest information, including tickets and special offers.

Shopping at Regent Street 

Regent Street is located in the centre of West London and is the UK and Europe’s most prestigious shopping and lifestyle destination. The Regent Street app is one of the must-have apps for visitors, who can go crazy with shopping.

Regent Street Vorri

If you are planning on hanging out on Regent Street, then the Regent Street app can be very helpful to you in identifying everything required for the best visitor experience. The app will assist you with searching for shops, events, restaurants and bars on Regent Street. You will be able to explore new brands and independent restaurants by inputting your likes and dislikes into the app. It uses unique beacon technology which allows you to receive offers, discounts, and alerts from the stores on the Regent Street, through its Bluetooth connection.

Stratford – The Home of the 2012 Olympics 

When visiting London, you do not want to miss spending at least a day in Stratford, the home of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and London’s most enthusiastic new destination.

stratford statium

The free app lists hundreds of shops, attractions, places to eat and much more to help you plan the perfect itinerary in Stratford. Using this app, you are sure to find a huge choice of various, fun-filled activities and places to enjoy.

Visit Riverside London

The Vauxhall Village, the London Bridge, the London Eye and the South Bank are some of the most famed landmarks and attractions in London.

Riverside London vorri

The Riverside London app can provide you with the experience of exploring the cultural heart of London. The app helps you find what’s happening and what’s trending in South Bank, Bankside, Vauxhall Village, The Oval and at the London Bridge. It also recommends places to eat, drink, shop and stay. With the app’s augmented reality feature, you can step into The Riverside London and know what is currently happening at the venues and locations surrounding you.

Experiencing historical London and Street Museum

London is renowned for its history and new visitors to London should not miss out on experiencing it.

london streetmuseum

The Street Museum app has done a great job by giving London’s visitors an opportunity to see a glimpse of historic London. App users can select a destination from a map and get an image of the location, along with its historical information. The app’s augmented reality mode can capture the user’s current location and lay a historic image over the current camera view. The available destination options include both suburbs and the outer boroughs of London – beginning with Richmond’s 1964 mods to the Brent Crossroad construction in the 1970s, even going so far back as to the Ealing Suffragettes of 1912.

Vorri Limited: A minicab and transport service app

Traveling throughout London by cab can be pretty expensive. Vorri Transport service has eased the lives of London’s newest travellers by helping them save money on minicab services. The app has united all of the cab companies across London in one place where passengers can choose and book a suitable cab for themselves based on the price, arrival time and cab company reviews. The app also provides travellers with the assurance of a great service, with a punctual driver and a pleasant journey, and all of these at a single, competitive price.

Vorri minicabs


A quick wrap-up:

Planning a trip to London? There are several apps that can provide you with the hassle-free experience of sailing across the city while visiting the most beautiful attractions there. As you explore the apps in an effort to identify the ones that can best suit your travel needs, you can download them on the first day of your visit. No need to worry about getting lost in the hustle and bustle of the city of London; instead you’ll make the most out of your visit.

Vorri minicabs

VORRI is in London, Simplifying Your Daily Commute

Vorri is here, in London!

Are you ready to change the way you commute?

Well, Vorri strives to make it simpler and easier for you with mobile based application so that everything is at your fingertips.

Vorri enables an integrated approach to the app, SMS and over the phone to make the commuting experience seamless for you. You can book the ride of your choice via your phone by choosing the option to ride now and later selecting from various categories like Vorri Eco, VorriX, VorriXL, Vorri LUX, Vorri DEL etc. Every category comes with different pricing and lets you choose the one that fits your budget.

How minicab from Vorri can help you in providing easy and reasonable commuting solution?

If you hail from London, you need not look any further. The Vorri minicab is growing fast and becoming popular in London and is the best companion for you daily commuting. You can select from a range of minicab and minibus etc. that will simplify your hassle of getting to work every day.

Vorri helps in arranging following rides for you –

  • Rides to fit your everyday needs like office and daily commute
  • Airport pickup services
  • Rides for special occasions like parties and events
  • Flexible business rides
  • DELV rides for delivery of goods
  • Pre-planned rides

Rides for everyday needs:

If you are looking for a complete everyday solution for your travel based needs, then Vorri is the answer for you. Your travel will be simplified by easy booking on Vorri mobile app. A few steps are what it will take to make Vorri’s minicab your perfect companion to work and everyday commute needs across London.

ETAs will be displayed for individual rides and also the details will be sent to the customers via SMS. If you wish, you can also share the ride details with your friends and family. The ride details will be sent with a unique link to track the minicab location in real-time. This way you and your loved one can be assured of your safety.

Airport pickup services

Whether you need rides for a business client to receive him from the airport or you need to drop your employees at the airport for an important business meeting, Vorri rides will make your airport transfers easy and quick.

Rides for special occasions:

Do you know Vorri has dedicated minicab 365 service for special occasions? Well, if you have a corporate event or a party, Vorri will take care of the entire commuting. Simply let the Vorri know about your requirements.

We will arrange the arrival of your guests to your party or event destination and then will take them back to their homes safely. No need to fumble for money at the end of each ride. You can pay through your Vorri account for a seamless and cashless experience.

Business rides:

With Vorri’s dedicated service for business rides, the corporate clients can be assured for their corporate travel needs. The business profiles can be made at Vorri and you can book the rides for your employees any time.

All you need to do is, sign up with Vorri for a Business Priority Account and get all your corporate travel needs streamlined.

DELV rides:

Looking for delivery of goods? Need to deliver the urgent parcel in your city? Look no further. Vorri is here to take care of that for you. DELV stands for Delivery Cars and Vans. So with Vorri, you can get your parcel delivery services in London on time without any mess.

Vorri takes a giant leap by venturing into delivery services in London for you within the entire city. Sometimes, you need to deliver an urgent courier or parcel to the other corner of the city and you are unable to do that personally.

In this case, you can always let Vorri deliver it for you. Also, if you get stuck in a traffic jam and need a document delivered as soon as possible, the remind yourself of Vorri.

Whatever be your needs, we will do the express delivery of your parcel. You can simply log into your Vorri account through Vorri mobile app and book your parcel delivery to your desired location. It is easy and simple to book a parcel through our app.

What you will get:

  • Same day delivery
  • Best for situations where you need to deliver an express courier
  • Your courier delivered even on the national holidays
  • Your important package or document will remain safe and secure
  • You can track your courier or parcel live

Reasons to love Vorri:

  • Convenient app: Vorri app is convenient for your frequent travels. Book the Vorri minicab from wherever you are; pick a route and your minicab will reach you in very less time. Flexible and easy rides with Vorri your way!
  • Real-time tracking: With Vorri, you can track your minicab in real time to know its position and location with respect to your location
  • Assured seating: You will always get the seat, which is our assurance
  • Cashless travel: With Vorri account, you can travel without cash. Also, you can pay through your credit card without the need to carry money all the time
  • Air conditioned minicabs: All minicabs at Vorri are air-conditioned to ensure that you have seamless travel
  • Safe ride: Vorri is the safest ride at any hour of the day
  • Parcel delivery: Your goods, parcels, and courier will be delivered by Vorri delivery services in London within a day.
  • No surge: The hour of surge at Vorri is the zero-hour. So travel easily with no surge or hassle

If so, then what are you waiting for? Sign up VORRI account today and enjoy your rides.